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Sets for TV

Our highly skilled design team work alongside our team of carpenters, metal fabricators and scenic painters to bring sets to life. You may recognise our studio set designs from Ireland’s popular shows, The Late Late Show, The Sunday Game, Prime Time and Ireland’s Got Talent.

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Sets for TV
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Welcome to our collection of sets designed for television studios. Allow us to help you meet all your scenery needs. Our dedicated team of designers ensures every detail is tailored to enhance the visual storytelling of your production. From versatile backdrops to intricately designed environments, our sets provide the perfect canvas for your creative vision. Elevate your television production with our thoughtfully curated sets, where quality meets innovation, setting the stage for remarkable on-screen moments.

53 Degrees Design at Flying Elephant is one of Ireland’s premier scenery construction contractors. You may recognise our work – Masterchef, Deal or No Deal, The Late Late Show, Virgin Media Sport and Prime Time. We also design smalled studios for radio, podcasts and corporates.

We collaborate closely with Production Designers and Independent Production Companies, transforming their visions into reality through meticulous craftsmanship and precise execution.

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We are your full service provider, problem solver and project partner.

We collaborate closely with all our partners both nationally and Internationally to find the best approach to each project.

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