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Traditional Craft - Showcase

Traditional Craft - Showcase

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Circa 3 - 6 week production time

Showcase is Ireland’s Creative Expo

This trade only show is home to over 450 exhibitors every January.

Our brief was to design a stand for 4 brands (Traditional Craft, GUINNESS, Patrick Francis and Lansdowne) under one roof.

Unfortunately, the show organizer could not give us a single stand. We had 2 stands facing each other. One rectangular stand and one 'L' shaped stand. Our approach was to unify the 2 stands with flying graphics and faux beams overhead. We also requested and received permission from the organizer to link the two stands with two arches. This maintained the public aisle between the 2 stands while giving the impression that it was the one stand.

There were 4 room sets or shop in shop experiences presented

  1. Traditional Craft
  3. Patrick Francis
  4. Lansdowne

Branding for each of these was localized.

The look and feel of the stands reflects Traditional Craft as an organization - Irish, Craft based and an organization with a strong heritage.

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