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In theatre, a backdrop is usually a painted piece of cloth hung at the back of a theatre stage as part of a scenery. Backdrops are also used at events and other corporate situations. These backdrops are an effective means of passing  across a message emphasising the theme of the event, promoting a product or creating recognition for a brand. Backdrops are a flexible branding solution that impacts positively on an event and leave a lasting impression.
Banjo Cloth
Banjo cloth is a textured, polyester fabric commonly used at trade shows and other special events. The fabric is inexpensive, lightweight and has an open weave to allow light to shine through. The cloth is commonly used at special events for table skirts, drapery and for exhibit pipe and drape booths.
Banner Stand
Banner display stands are strong solutions for individuals attending events who want their eye catching graphic and branding to be displayed in a portable package that is convenient and lightweight for transport, as well as being easy to assemble. They are suitable for use at exhibition stands, conferences, retail outlets and any other public events.
Bespoke Exhibition Stand
Bespoke exhibition stands provide businesses with complete flexibility on how they can work best for the business needs. Whether your stand is to promote your services or showcase a new product, each stand is built around the requirements set out by the business to comply with branding guidelines. By purchasing a bespoke stand, their flexibility means you can adapt the stand for different trade and exhibition shows, allowing you to keep costs to a minimum..
Booths are small, often temporary structures that are used at markets, fairs and exhibition or trade show events for selling goods, providing information or for staging shows.
Calico is a woven fabric made from cotton fibres and serves as a neutral base for creativity. Calico is often used in art canvases, in fashion design for mock designs and in theatre, is used for backdrops and sets due to the lightweight and long lasting properties.
Canvas is a strong, coarse, unbleached fabric cloth made from hemp, flax and yarn and is often used for creating theatre scenes.
Conferences, also referred to as conventions are gatherings of individuals and organisations who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss and engage in common interests. Trade conferences focus on topics about particular industries, will feature keynote speakers and other event activities. Besides business people, members of the public may also have the opportunity to attend conferences to network with vendors and make new connections. Conferences hinge upon the exchange of information and invite all attendees to learn and better themselves professionally.
A ConFex merges both trade shows and conferences. Exhibitions are all about selling goods and services, but as the industries are changing, exhibitions now focus more on the brand awareness element for some businesses and imparting their knowledge. Attendees attend ConFex events for the newness and innovation not just for buying the goods. Merging two events can significantly improve the value of a company's investment to attend a confex show.
Twill fabric with a velvet-like nap on one side. The matte finish and high opacity of the material makes it ideal for blocking light. Duvetyne is commonly used in the film and theatre industries and is also referred to as 'commando cloth'. It is often used to help direct light to a specific area in film, theatre, photoshoots, ads and is also used for the black trim surrounding the bottom of a stage.
Exhibition Rigging 
Exhibition rigging refers to a hanging sign that is suspended from the ceiling of an exhibition centre. Trusses and rigging involves a framework of alloy bars and triangular cross-bracing providing a rigid structure to hang equipment which can range from lighting to other pieces of equipment. These signs can be surprisingly affordable and can be used in any size. Hanging signs and trusses will be built and hung by the show contractor.
Exhibition Stand (Exhibition Booth)
A booth, stall or counter at an exhibition or trade show where a business can showcase their products/services or provide information on their products/services. Stands need to be memorable, attractive, offer exclusivity to visitors and tell the brand story well. Space at an exhibition purchased by an individual organisation within an exhibition will vary depending on the show and location within the venue. These spaces will be available in two formats, space-only and shell scheme packages.
Exhibition Trussing
Exhibition trussing, also commonly referred to as exhibition gantry can be used to surround your exhibition stands and provide a professional and eye catching design. Exhibition gantry falls within the same price range as shell scheme packages, and will offer something more to the design of your stand. Gantry systems come in many different shapes and sizes and comprises a rigid framework that creates a temporary framework which can be used both indoor and outdoors. They are ideal if you are looking to create visual impact at any event or exhibition and can be reused, meaning you can keep your future exhibition costs down.
Flats (short for scenery flats) are lightweight, timber cranes that are covered with scenic canvas which are painted and positioned on stage to give the appearance of buildings or other background. They're easy to move, reconfigure and are reusable. Often they will be used to disguise an area the set designers don't want the audience to see, hide props and provide an exit for actors.
Fly System
Fly systems are used in theatre productions made up of rope lines, pulleys, counterweights and more which are designed to allow a stage crew to fly curtains, scenery, stage effects, and in some productions even the performers quickly, quietly and safely.
Leno Filled Scrim
Leno filled scrim can be described as 'sharks-tooth scrim' with a much closer weave, making the fabric opaque. Leno has a smooth texture and this makes it an ideal fabric for cyclorama (360 scene). One side of the fabric is smooth with the other textured. It's recommended to have the textured side of the fabric facing towards the audience as this allows you to take advantage of the extra surface dimension. It's ideal for projecting abstract shapes and patterns due to the highly reflective nature of the fabric, however it is not ideal for video projection.
Modular Exhibition
Modular exhibition stands are flexible exhibiting structures that can be easily reconfigured to fit different spaces at different venues. They are formed from exhibition stand building systems as opposed to those bespoke displays built from traditional materials. The benefit of a modular exhibition stand is that they're easy to build, transport and store to be reused.
Muslin is a lightweight fabric that can be easily adapted to a variety requirements to be used in scenic paintings, flats, backdrops and cycloramas. It's versatility allows you to create numerous staging effects and can be fireproofed.
Outside Broadcasting (OB)
Outside Broadcasting is the production of television or radio programmes (typically to cover news and sports events) from a mobile television studio. This mobile control room is known as an "Outside Broadcasting Van", "OB Van", "Scanner" (a BBC term), "mobile unit", "remote truck", "live truck", or "production truck". Signals from cameras and microphones come into the OB Van for processing and transmission. The term "OB" is almost unheard of in the United States
Point of Sale 
Point of sale displays are a specialised form of sales promotion that can be found near or next to cash desks. They are intended to draw a customer's attention to products which may be new or on special offer, and can also be used to promote special events. Often the displays will be for one off sales promotions, however, POS displays can be made from durable materials to be used long term, for example for iPad displays next to cash desks.
Pop Up Stands 
Pop Up Display systems are quick and easy ways to provide creative backdrops to exhibitions and other event displays. They have clever frame systems that can be set up in minutes with graphics that can be easily attached to a pop up frame. Lightweight and strong, they are easy to assemble.
Portable Exhibition Furniture 
At events, you want to look as professional as possible but it can often be a challenge with the limited amount of space, but this is where portable exhibition furniture steps in. This is furniture that can be easily packed away and transported to events and shows. You are most likely to see this type of equipment at events in the form of counters, iPad stands and display plinths which can all be personalised with graphics to suit the branding. The portable exhibition furniture doesn't take up much space during transportation which makes it easily accessible and transportable for events.
Proscenium in theatre is the frame or arch separating the stage from the auditorium through the action of which a play is viewed. This helps to create a fourth wall which is particularly appropriate for naturalistic productions. The audience all sit the same way and often seating will be raked, meaning drapes and other large pieces of scenery can be used without obstructing site lines. 
Pull Up Banner 
These banners are long strips of flexible materials that can display your brand's slogan, an advertisement, offer etc. You simply pull them up and within a matter of minutes they are set up. They tend to be around 2 metres in height and can come in varying widths depending on your business needs. Pull up banners can be printed on both sides and are a cheaper alternative to pop ups. Perfect for sales teams that regularly visit trade and exhibition shows.
Scrim or gauze is a very light textile made from cotton or sometimes flax. The light-weight and translucent properties of this material make it desirable to be used in theatre. Often, it is used as a drop, boarder or for creating the illusion of a solid wall or backdrop under certain lighting conditions, or creating a semi-transparent when lit from behind. 
Shell Scheme Exhibition Drops 
Shell scheme drops or graphic drops allow businesses to transform the plain, shell scheme exhibition booth into vivid promotional enhancements. They can come in the form of inexpensive roll-up PVC posters, fabrics or easily removable wall paper. Rolled wall drops are also laminated for scratch and glare resistance to ensure your graphics are long lasting and remain of high quality.
Shell Scheme Exhibition Packages 
Shell scheme exhibition packages are usually the cheapest of the packages and will typically include stand walls, lights, carpets and power sources. Basic shell scheme packages will be blank and will include a fascia board with your organisation name. One of the most unfortunate things about using a shell scheme is that every other exhibitor will have a stand that looks very similar. However, these packages can be improved through the use of pop-up display stands, banners and other graphics.
Shop Fitting 
Shop fitting is the trade of fitting out both retail and service stores with equipment, fixtures and fittings. The trade applies to all kinds of outlets, whether it's a small local corner shop or large retail establishment. A shop fitter will execute the planning of the work, design of the shop layout and will install any equipment and other services. Shop fitters will incorporate professional expertise in interior design, manufacture bespoke furniture, signage and fittings and point of sale displays
Slatwall is typically made of medium density fire-board (MDF) and coated in a melamine finish in an array of colours or wood effects to be used as wall coverings for retail displays. The horizontal grooves allow you to add a variety of merchandising slatwall accessories to enhance your merchandising area. They are extremely versatile and one of the most common displays used by retailers.
Snap Frame 
Snap-frame poster frames are easy to open frames that allow for a quick change of graphics, frame options can range from suspended, projecting, wall-mounted, and illuminated. You would typically find snap-frames in a retail setting.
Space Only Exhibition Packages 
At exhibitions, if you decide to not go for a shell scheme package, you can choose to rent the floor space to have your own custom exhibition stand. Modular display stand systems are a common choice and allow for a low cost, semi custom build space to be used at the event. Modular display stand systems are typically suited best for those large displays in showrooms, shopping centres and should the venue limit permit, then exhibition stands also.
In theatre productions and any other shows for the performing arts sector, stages are used as the designated space for performers, and the focal point for the audience. Stages may also be used at conferences, exhibitions, award and other special events to act as the focal point point for the audience. 
Stage Truck
Stage trucks are like low rostra, but are fitted with wheels and are commonly used in theatre productions. The purpose of the wheels is to allow stage trucks to be moved around the stage both quickly and quietly. Often, stage trucks will be used to manoeuvre will have furniture, props, and in some cases stage backdrops.
Trade Shows 
Trade Shows, also known as trade fairs, expos and exhibitions are events organised to give organisations the opportunity to showcase their latest products, services and offerings. It is also an opportunity to network with industry partners and potential customers. Not all trade shows are open to the public, many are specifically for businesses only.