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Pro 100

Shop the Pro 100 Stage System from 53 Degrees Design are available to purchase or hire for upcoming events. 

The Pro 100 Stage system comes with a stage platform and stage riser which can fold up into a compact unit making it easy to transport. The internal locking system ensures the platforms are securely fixed and fit for purpose. Handrails are not available with this stage. 

The Pro 100 Stage System comes in three different sizes. If you have any questions regarding the staging system or rental options, get in touch with the team at 53 Degrees. Contact us on +353 1 429 2904 or email us for more information.

Other platform and stage systems available to buy and hire from 53 Degrees Design: 

Rental period for stages is 3 days and payment is required upfront. Stage installation by 53 Degrees Design team only