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Exhibition Stands

Here at 53 Degrees Design, we specialise in custom build exhibition stands and have worked on the delivery of many professional designs. These can be reusable exhibition stands, with some modular elements including lighting, product display and interchangeable graphics.

System and modular exhibition stands often look functional and homogenous, but they can be ‘dressed’ up! If this is your first exhibition event, you will be surprised by how many suppliers you are likely to deal with for both products and services, such as stand design and build, graphic design, electrics, lighting and furniture. 

That is only to name but a few of the suppliers you need to build and dress your stand space, and you also need to consider transport, storage, hotels and before you know it members of your team will be dealing with a dozen or more outside companies! 

Why choose 53 Degrees Design for your exhibition stand design? 

  • Experience - Over 20 years experience making and designing exhibition stands with an outstanding track record of delivering a backdrop that is both impressive and professional . You can view some of the exhibition stands we have worked on over the years below! 

  • One-Stop Solution - We are able to handle most of your exhibition show needs, and we are known among our peers for designing and building some of the best stands at Trade and Public shows. 

  • In House Designer -  The design of your exhibition stand is the most crucial element as it affects your other needs, when working with 53 Degrees Design, our in house designer has a great reputation to deliver a professional and memorable exhibition stand and will work closely with your team to bring your exhibition stall ideas to life.  

  • Eco-Friendly - Here at 53 Degrees Design, we are conscious of how our business affects the environment and are always trying to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make our event backdrops more eco-friendly - 90% of timber used in our backdrop designs is now sourced from sustainable European sources. 

  • We also have surveyed most major venues in Ireland and have a significant database of venue drawings including the Convention Centre Dublin, The Mansion House, The Royal Dublin Society (RDS), Croke Park, City West and The Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road. You can view exhibition stands we have worked on below. 

Here are some of our tips to help you decide how or where to exhibit:


Whether it’s meeting new prospects, shaking hands with current customers or raising your brand’s profile, make sure you’ve identified your goals before the show and that everyone knows how the Return on Objectives will be measured.

1) Who is the audience (Public or Business)? What is the age profile?

2) Why are you exhibiting? To launch a product; meet existing/new customers; collect leads; Brand awareness; protect Market Share?

3) How do you want to present yourself. Post the Financial Crises, many organisations did not want to be seen as ‘big spenders’

4) If you want to impress your competitors and potential clients with new exhibition stands at each event, hiring will greatly reduce your costs. You can choose a different size and shape stand for each event or venue, and if your designers are clever you might not need to purchase new graphics each time. This will also cut down storage costs between events.

5) How much time has the event organiser allocated for the ‘build’. If you only have a few hours or one day, then this will dictate the style of your stand.

6) Think of the environment. Try to re-use what you have in terms of graphics, furniture, electrics and show collateral.

7) Be Socially Savvy - Connect with your prospects before the show. Follow them on Linked In and Twitter. Make your presence at the show known through these channels so they remember you, should they attend.


Whether you’re sending internal staff down to the show or using a team of promotional staff, it’s important that everyone is prepared for questions they’re likely to be asked on the day. Your stand staff are the face of your brand but think beyond stand staff – events are a great way to show off your experts.


Email your database and use social media to thank all of those who visited you on the day, adding what a great success it was. It’s important to make those who didn’t visit feel like they missed out. Who knows, you might attract interest from unexpected places.

Picking up the phone to the leads you generated at the show once, twice, thrice does not make you a nuisance. In fact, 80% of sales are only made on the fifth to twelfth point of contact. Perseverance and persistence win big!

Get in touch with the team at 53 Degrees to discuss the design of your exhibition stand or rental. Contact us on +353 1 429 2904 or email us for more information.