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Its all in the Display!

25th Apr 2017

53 Degrees DesignIt is an inevitable fact that in the current recession you need to take every step you can to ensure your business' success. Every small detail, no matter how minor it appears, has an incremental effect on sales and the bottom line. As a shopper, what makes the difference in deciding how you feel when you walk into a shop? Yes, the sales staff and prices are of course important, but within the first 10 seconds, the average consumer will have decided if this shop is for them.

In the same way as humans tend to judge people and situations initially on certain cues, the same can be said for the shopper on the High Street. So, once your shopper has come into your premises, how do you keep them there and convert that into a sale? Well, probably one of the key points will be the first-glance appearance or first impression that your shop conveys. Showing off as much of your range as possible and displaying items in a easy-to-consume manner is essential.

Whether you opt to showcase specific items that may be on Sale or Just Arrived, or if you equalize your range with homogeneous display cabinets, the key thing is that it must maximize your potential to convert that shopper to a sale. Over the years, we have learned this lesson time and time again with our customers - design is essential.

With this in mind, we offer a free service and assessment to all our customers (or potential customers) which includes a personal consultation and high-level proposal of suggested changes that could be designed and built to maximize your returns. During the consultation we will assess everything from the overall layout of your premises to the choice and design of your showcases and display cabinets, overall colour schemes and shop themes.

Just call us on 01-4292904 and we'd be delighted to speak with you.