a)     Finished Artwork should preferably be submitted on CD as follows:

  • QuarkXPress or InDesign file, scaled to quarter size.
  • Adobe Illustrator EPS with all type converted to outlines. (All images, embedded or otherwise, must be CMYK)
  • Please ensure that we receive all FONTS (Both Screen & Printer) and that images are all CMYK (not RGB).
  • Please Do Not use Pantone colours (or other spot colours) as anything designated as a spot colour will have to be converted by us to CMYK and may not reproduce as intended. Avoid this by building all of your colour as CMYK.
  • Ensure that file sizes are large enough to reproduce to desired quality – e.g. a 2.4m x 2.4m display system would require an 80mb file at 300 dpi.

Digital Photos:

  • Must be at least 300 dpi or of a sufficient size to allow conversion to 300 dpi.
  • Must be sent in either TIFF, EPS, or JPEG file format. Do Not compress JPEG Files.
  • Do not send Microsoft Word documents with embedded pics – these are not picture files
  • Do not  send Power Point documents – these are not suitable for reproduction

 Digital Logos:

  • Should be  in Adobe Illustrator EPS file format or if not they are governed by the same rules as other digital pics.  – see above

Hard copy photos/logos:  (i.e. to be scanned by us from a physical source):

  • We prefer slides, or actual original photos (e.g.  printed on photo paper from the negatives).
  • Type and logos Do Not scan well. If we must scan a logo it should be large and clean.
  • Scanning from printed media – good reproduction is very difficult to achieve and therefore  we cannot guarantee final quality of logos, etc., submitted in an already printed format.


  • A scaled QuarkXPress or InDesign template for most of our display products is available on request.

Important: In order to avoid Networking difficulties please do not email files in excess of 5 mb.

Please note that submitting artwork that does not meet the above guidelines will almost certainly incur extra production charges which will have to be passed on to the client and even more importantly may mean than clients’ deadlines cannot be met.

For further clarification on the above points please contact us at 01 429 2904.